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Our site builder is a template and wizard-based with guided content that is basic enough for novices and feature-rich for pros, whether you want to advertise yourself or your business. It has the same feel as PowerPoint but is more powerful, elegant, and straightforward. a solution you'll want to use.

Site Builder Features

Our Site Builder includes the full set of features.

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Drag & Drop Editor

Customers can add and arrange website features on the page using the Drag & Drop Editor, highlighting appropriate placement places in advance.

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Building Features

You can create any unique, professional-looking website layout using pre-made layout components like text, buttons, images, or icons.

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Pre-designed Building Blocks

Making changes to content layouts doesn't have to take up your time. They can create professional websites without any technical knowledge, all thanks to an assortment of more than 350 content blocks.

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Built-in Mobile-Friendly

All devices will display websites beautifully. All devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones, are fully responsive to templates.

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Stock Photos Integration

Enhance your website with a collection of over 200,000 high-resolution professional premium photos. Additionally, our site builder offers image optimization and embedded videos.

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Auto Save & Backupl

Real-time saving ensures that you won't lose any work. While you work, the editor continuously saves everything.

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Blog Page

Including a blog, you may customize your website, engage with visitors, and share your narrative. Set up the appearance of posts on your published website.

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Draft Post

To publish your blog post in time for a specific piece of news or a unique campaign, write it now and save it for later.

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Post Editor

Use the built-in post content writing tool and editor to alter a blog post after it has already been published.

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Social Sharing

By including social networking icons for websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest on your website, you may incentivize users to like and share your content.

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Facebook Comments and Likes

Give website visitors a chance to like and comment on the Facebook page you've connected to without leaving your own.

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Instagram and Twitter Connect

Every time you submit an Instagram photo, your website should automatically display it. You should also provide a live Twitter feed to your visitors to keep them informed.

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Flexible Plans

Whether you're a boutique shop, full store, or online platform, we offer flexible plans for 50,100, & 1000 products.

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Secure and Worldwide Payments

To accept credit cards immediately, link up with Paypal, Square, Stripe, and more than 50 other reputable payment processors.

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Easy & Quick Checkout

With optional registration during checkout, you may give customers a quicker and simpler experience. Offer a one-page checkout that is safe and allows for client order comments.

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Product Listing & Management

Select a layout from various product pages, then edit the designs and descriptions to suit your tastes. Create categories for your products to help customers locate them more easily.

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Promotions, Discounts, and Coupons

To boost sales, develop discount coupons or promotional codes. By displaying standard prices alongside discounted prices, you can increase conversions.

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Stock Management

Knowing when to restock a product's supply and which product variants are the most in-demand is made possible using inventory tracking.

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Worldwide Shipping

By integrating your online business with a carrier company like USPS, FedEx, UPS, Australia Post, Canada Post, etc., you can provide your consumers with real-time carrier costs at the point of purchase.

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Tax & VAT

Apply tax estimates to any nation or specify particular zones. Complete tax control; set up taxes per location, add taxes per class of goods, or set up tax-free goods.

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Order Management & Tracking

Get email notifications of orders instantly. Manage all orders, examine a list of them, search for them, categorize them, change client information, and add a tracking number for the shipment.

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